During the past month, our administration department has been working hard to optimize all business  operations. This will help us ensure that we continue to meet the rising expectations of our Producers and Clients, and maintain a competitive edge in the international health insurance industry.

Underwriting is the backbone of this division. Therefore, updating and modernizing processes and procedures in this area has been one of our key task. It is our goal to transform our underwriting from just strictly providing guidelines and risk assessments to developing a more integrated collaboration with our sales department.

We aim to simplify our processes and tools to facilitate the day-to-day operations of our Producers, so that they can spend more time developing strong relations and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. We have already achieved some very exciting improvements that will help us expedite the qualification of new Clients and analysis of claims.

We have:

  • Revised our applications for new clients and expanded its functions. Now, the application form can be used to apply for a new policy, add dependents after the policy was issued, reinstate, and change plan, deductible or area of coverage. Effective March 1st, 2016, we will only accept the new version of the applications.
  • Redesigned and consolidated all of our health forms and questionnaires for a faster, more efficient review process. The following questionnaires have been updated: Diabetes, Digestive Disorder, Heart and Cardiovascular, Seizures  and Asthma & Bronchitis. Download the latest forms from your LyncOne portal.
  • In addition, the Medical Examiner’s Report has been replaced by the newly modified Attending Physician Statement.  The guidelines for presenting this form has also changed. Now, the applicant’s physician can complete the form from the medical history without need for the applicant to be physically present to undergo a medical checkup. The Attending Physician Statement is required for all applicants 65 or older.

We are currently working on revising:

  • Underwriting Guidelines to clearly detail the new process
  • All Healthcare Plan Policy Wordings to reflect all changes

To bring up-to-date all of our Producers, we have rolled out several training sessions. We invite you to participate in the live sessions, where you have the opportunity to ask questions directly to our experts in the subject, or to check the recorded sessions when they are posted in the web.

Stay tuned for more information!


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