Oscar Michel

VP of Business Development, Accident & Health

Why did you choose a career in the insurance industry?

Many do not often tell themselves they want to be in the insurance industry when they grow up. As a teenager, I was a Fire-Rescue Explorer with Miami-Dade. My goal at the time was to be a firefighter or a paramedic for the city. It is an exciting and rewarding profession. Who does not want that? It wasn’t until I had my first full-time job as a customer service representative at an international insurance company that I realized insurance was going to be my new career path. Fast forward 16 years and I am still in the industry. The international health insurance industry has allowed me to grow in my field, travel, and meet new people. More importantly, however, it is a rewarding profession because of the thousands of families we take care of when they need us most.

What are the current challenges and opportunities in your industry?

We are a global provider, and we operate in various economic and political environments. Some countries in Latin America are experiencing an economic boom, while others are facing political and economic instability. Whether the country is experiencing growth or it is facing economic challenges, health insurance is always top of mind for many families. This is why health insurance should always be an important pillar in an agent’s diversified portfolio.

As a leader, what is your advice for overcoming these challenges?

As an international carrier, we must be creative and quickly adapt to the ever changing markets. In fact, the international insurance market has evolved significantly over the last five to ten years. This is what truly makes us unique and what has allowed us to rapidly be an important player in the international health insurance arena. We also understand the markets we service, and we listen to our customers and producers—they are the experts.

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