Alzheimer’s affects memory, thinking, behavior and ability to perform everyday activities. The number of people living with this disease around the world is estimated at 35.6 million, and it is also estimated that this number will duplicate by 2030. Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia are the top cause of disability in seniors. This disease is excruciatingly incapacitating for the people who have it and devastating for their families.

A recent survey commissioned by the Alzheimer association revealed that 28% of families caring for a member with Alzheimer cut back on their own medical and basic needs expenses because they were not prepared for the cost of the disease. Having a medical insurance to help you and your family cope the expenses of a long-term illness is essential.


Premier Health and WEA Signature international health plans cover Alzheimer’s for clients diagnosed with the disease while protected under an active policy. Visit Premier Health and WEA to learn more about our international plans.



How Alzheimer affects the brain (Interactive Tool from the Alzheimer Association)

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