We know how the world works, especially when it comes to health care.


About Us

Since 1965, WEA has provided quality international health insurance to individuals, families and groups, giving them peace of mind while they pursue international life goals.


WEA is a product of Premier Assurance Group (PA Group). PA Group was founded by two former General Electric executives with a heart for people and a passion for helping others in preparing for the future and life’s most important events. From protecting our clients’ health with worldwide coverage to helping them achieve a successful financial future, PA Group creates financial security road maps for life’s most significant events. For over 18 years, PA Group has guided and protected our international clients with comprehensive health and wealth accumulation solutions.

Global Perspective

Nowadays, work, school or retirement can take us any place in the world, giving us the chance to seize better opportunities to lead a more successful and fulfilling life. However, these opportunities, sometimes, may force us to leave the comforts and security of home. Health care is particularly different in every country with different policies, procedures and level of service depending on your destination. For that reason, if moving or living abroad, it is essential to count with the support of a state-of-the-art health insurance, like WEA.

For over 50 years, WEA’s comprehensive international health plan options have insured expatriates from all walks of life:

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